SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is not actually an insurance but an insurance form which is not a requirement of the insurance company but the DMV. The insurance company often terms sui conviction as high risk and to us customers it is commonly sr22 insurance or high risk insurance.

The auto insurance company would not check the motor vehicle record after the renewal and mostly the verification of the driving record is done once a year. Some general insurance companies do not do this for three years. At times the underwriter of the insurance company may also miss rating you on the your bad driving record. However, once they find out that you have a DUI conviction, you would be either asked to go for higher auto insurance ratings or they would give you an advance cancellation notice or a non-renewal notice asking you to seek the services of some other insurance company. The above are the two ways the general auto insurance company will deal with customers who have a dui conviction.

If your present insurer is ready to give you an insurance and continue with your auto insurance policy, it would mean that they are speciality insurers also like Allstate, GEICO and Unitrin, for example who underwrite personal insurances and also specialty insurances. Currently, in the marketplace there is a keen competition and there are numersous speciality underwriters from whom you can seek SR22 insurance.

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SR22 insurance