(Informations about SR22 Insurance)

Basically, reinstatement may be in four step process:

  1. Finish your 30 day mandatory period
  2. You must enroll to the “first offender program”
  3. Get an SR22 insurance
  4. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicle and pay $125

When you go to the DMV, they will issue you a restricted driver’s license that allows you to drive to the DUI school and during the course of employment. You can have your restrictions removed after four months. You need to be eligible to get your license back before you can purchase an SR22 insurance.

sr22 insurance

But for multiple offenders, those which violated the seven year probationary period with a DUI, theres a program called sb-38, an 18 month program that you need to complete before you can get the unrestricted license. You have to go through a series of meetings with councilors. Then you will have to have a Judge sign the “abstract” from the court that you will need to take to the Department of Motor Vehicle that may be able to get your license back. But I recommend that you go to the DMV first before the Judge and ask if you can get your license back. So this is the step that you need to do to get your California license back.

The best way to search for SR22 Insurance is to compare quotes from websites which provide all the information under one roof (here an example of SR22 Insurance). These are the insurance comparison shop websites, where everybody can have free access and where the quotes are generally also provided for free.

Getting online is now one of the best ways to get a quick and instant SR22 insurance quote.  There is no need for you to do the traditional way of visiting a local insurer to get liability coverage and end up being pressured of purchasing a policy from them.  In these days of Internet, you now own your time when shopping for SR22 insurance.

An SR22 insurance is ideal for high risk drivers.  Since it is normally given to them, it usually costs more expensive compared to a regular auto insurance policy.  However, you don’t need to worry much since you can still possibly get cheap SR22 insurance online.

There are a lot of websites available that can provide you with affordable SR22 insurance rates in California.  You can have the convenience of shopping for SR22 quotes online without having to spend much time of calling several local insurance companies.

Getting cheap SR22 insurance online in California can be fast, easy and confidential.  There is no further obligation for a free online SR22 quote.  You only have to fill out a simple online form.  This will usually take you 2-3 minutes.  When submitted, a licensed representative of the insurance website will personally review your form and email you back with the quote based on the information you have entered earlier.

What you will get there:

  • Information regarding the SR22 Insurance state specific requirements
  • Quotes from multiple providers
  • Direct links are also incorporated, so that you can easily have access to a specific insurer’s website
  • Access to a FAQ list, where you will get all the required answers

If the quotation is acceptable to you, you will be asked to reply with your license number and your SR22 insurance application will be faxed to you for your signature.  All you have to do is just sign and fax back the application and your SR22 filing will be immediately send out to the Department of Motor Vehicle.  So if you want to get your SR22 insurance taken cared of today, get to file it online as soon as possible so you can probably get an optimal SR22 insurance cost.